Look Up Account for Group Membership Renewal
Important: If you would like to renew your group membership with a different number of users, you must contact support@abcteach.com before completing this form.

abcteach Member Support: p. 248-481-9065 / f. 248-493-6565

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Please Note:

You need to know your group number to renew your group membership. If you don't already know your group number, you can submit a request for your group membership information. Go to our group membership information retrieval tool and enter the email address of your group membership contact person. They will be sent an email containing everything they need to know for renewing the group membership.

You must supply the group membership number for your account to be found. Email addresses, the name of your organization, and/or the name of the contact person are not sufficient to properly identify your group membership.

This page is for renewing group membership accounts only. If you are trying to renew your personal abcteach membership, please use our renewal page for individual memberships .

Please contact support@abcteach.com if you have trouble renewing your group membership account.

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